Apply For International Phd Scholarships In Zooarchaeology Of Southwest Asia Netherlands

Learnalpro reports that The University of Groningen has an international reputation as a dynamic and innovative higher education center that provides high-quality teaching and research. Balanced study and career paths in a wide range of disciplines encourage the 36,000 students and researchers to discover and develop their own unique talents.


Why should you study at the University of Groningen? GU offers candidates real-world environmental learning experiences. They practice transcription and analysis of language, as well as comprehension and critique of theories and concepts. A linguistics degree is useful for jobs in teaching, publishing, and government administration.
How to Use

To be eligible for this opportunity, applicants must be accepted into a PhD program at the University of Groningen. Applicants can apply for the award after enrolling.
Documents in Support: All of the following supporting documents must be uploaded:
A curriculum vitae that includes the contact information for two academic referees (do not include any reference letters)
A research proposal of 1,500 to 2,000 words that explains how you would approach the project described above. The proposal should include the following sections: (a) current state of knowledge and relevance to science and society, (b) key objectives, (c) methodological and theoretical approach, and (d) timetable
A 5,000-word writing sample, such as a published article, an essay, or a portion of a Master’s thesis
Official transcripts of your academic degrees, certified.
Admission Requirements: Before submitting your application form, you should review any entry requirements for each qualification you intend to pursue.
Language Requirement: Students must have an English language proficiency certificate.


The successful candidate will receive a monthly scholarship of € 2,249 gross at the University of Groningen.

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